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Givenchy Black Leather Star-Embellished High-Top Sneakers

givenchy black leather star detail sneaker

Wow, just reading that headline gives me a headache, but looking at these star studded shoes from Givenchy makes me want to take off running down the street to get a pair. The solid black design from top to bottom gives the shoes a rich look. The star accents proves we are the general for the basketball court and everyone needs to get out of the way. The Italian leather design makes us feel like we are the king of the world.

Of course, at $720 for a pair of these shoes from Givenchy, we better feel on top of the world. The shoes are gorgeous, look amazingly comfortable, and would work for almost any situation. They might just be worth all $720. Just remember to get your set of the John Markk sneaker cleaner we highlighted a few days ago. You will never want these shoes to meet a harsh cleaning treatment. You can order a pair of Givenchy Black Leather Star-Embellished High-Top Sneakers from SSense.

Via SSense