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Glass Infuser Drink Dispenser

glass infuser drink dispenser

There is nothing quite as delightful to drink as water packed with powerful fruit and herbal flavours, but often making those drinks and sharing them with friends is messy. This 1.5 gallon drink dispenser from Home Essentials has a large cylindrical glass infuser that sits right in the middle of the glass jug. You fill the infuser with your favourite fruits or herbs and enjoy a one and a half gallons of healthy flavourful water. Strawberries, citrus fruit, mint leaves, slice grapes, blackberries, and other natural flavours add a special touch to the water. Want something a little more special? Replace the water with lemonade or iced tea to create flavoured lemonades and teas that are amazing.

The Glass Infuser Drink Dispenser is sold on Amazon for $34.99

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