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Glass Jar Pendant Lights

glass jar pendant lights

Grandma canned fruits, vegetables, and pickles in a variety of unique jars with shades of greens, blues, and clear glass. These cool Glass Jar Pendant lights capture that era in history, re-purposing antique jars to make incredible lights for our homes. Inside each jar is a standard light socket which looks amazing when paired with clear bulbs showcasing their glowing filaments. The lids of the jars are available in either flat black or chrome. The jars can handle up to a 60W bulb, but keep in mind, these lights are intended to provide interest, beauty, and a warm glow to your room not to be your primary light source. The lights look great singly, but arranging a series of different shades and sizes of jar in the corner of your room creates a fascinating light display.

The Glass Jar Pendant Lights are offered by West Elm for $99 each.

Via West Elm