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GloveShot Slingshot

gloveshot slingshot

Did you have fun with a slingshot as a kid? Those destructive toys are one of the favorite of men from 5 years old to the day we pull our last breath. Pulling back the rubber straps, taking aim, and letting a pebble or shot zip through the air is FUN! The GloveShot Slingshot can help you take that playful feeling to a completely new level. The GloveShot straps on over your hand giving you amazing pulling power for longer, straighter shots with extreme high impact.

You need to take a moment to warn those beer and soda cans what is about to happen to them. When you pull back the standard 16 pound pull straps you will know that pebble is going to fly it lightning speed. Want more power? Add the optional double strap for 32 pounds of pull and watch as the pebble fires all the way through a can, or takes care of the nasty varmint that keeps tearing up your yard.

The GloveShot Slingshot from ┬áMontie Gear is not intended for use by kids. This is a powerful slingshot designed for us “Big Boys” who still like to get out and have some fun. If you want to experience real power and accuracy from a slingshot, take a close look at the GloveShot, simply ingenious.

Via Montie Gear