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GlowPong Glowing Game Table

glowpong glowing game table

Aliens have landed in your backyard wanting to play beer pong. No, you have not been drinking too much. You are just seeing your crazy friends preparing to play beer pong using the GlowPong table and all of the GlowPong accessories. Imagine how much wild fun you can have with a table that glows in the dark, cups with glowing target rings, glowing ping pong balls, and that just starts the fun.

GlowPong has glowing glasses, distraction sticks, bracelets, and necklaces to turn the party into total mayhem. All you need to add is the beer, your friends, and to remember to turn off the lights. You might want to warn the neighbors and the police at all of that glowing wild antics in your yard is not an alien invasion. It is just a little party to unwind for the weekend with a few wacky friends. The GlowPong Table is $149.99, but make sure you check out all the cool accessories starting at $9.99.

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