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Got Chess Portable Chess Set


You may had seen some cardboard chess or checker sets in the past, but simply said “Yuck!”. Designer Peter Baeten  has tossed “yuck” out the door to create an incredible chess set that he simply calls “Got Chess”. The chess set is made from wood, but very thinly sliced wood, including the board and the playing pieces. The chess pieces are inserted into small slots in the board to keep them upright, which works fantastically. The pieces are hand varnished to keep the wood grains popping through adding to the beauty of the set. The entire chess set folds up in a small leather pouch that looks almost as if you are carrying an iPad in your hands.

Currently Got Chess is still a product concept, but we sure wish they would hurry up and launch this marvelous laser cut chess set. It might rekindle the world’s love of the game.






Via Peter Baeten