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Graph Magazine Rack by Studio Inesistente

graph magazine rack studio inesistente

Studio Inesistente makes intriguing projects that make you think and provide a unique look to your home or office. The Graph Magazine Rack is no exceptions. This is the perfect magazine rack for a day trader, forex trader, or stock broker. You ride the waves of graphs watching the up and downs in the economy and trends that flow in businesses, exchanges, and stocks to make a profit. Why not add your passion for number and graphs into your office?

The Graph Magazine Rack uses a simple line chart to create and series of spiking trends to create the shelves for your favorite business publications. You could grab a few copies of historic dates showing plummets in the market to drop into those low crevices in the rack for a little added impact. What makes this rack even cooler is it an accurate representation of a series of precipitous declines in 2011 in Europe.

Via Studio Inesistente