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GunVault GVB1000 Biometric Mini Gun Safe

gunvault gvb1000 gun safe

How can you protect your family and still have fast access to your handgun? GunVault had introduced a clever biometric mini gun safe, their GunVault GVB1000. The GVB1000 is large enough to hold a single handgun and possibly a few other valuables. What makes this mini safe unique is the biometric locking mechanism built into the top cover’s hand imprint. The biometric lock scans your fingerprint and only unlocks for authorized users.

The gun safe is built out of 16 gauge steel and uses a nearly indestructible lock to protect your gun, ammo, and other valuables. Using a biometric lock provides additional safety for your family since children can not find the keys or discover the combination written down somewhere. It increases your speed of access by eliminating the need to locate the key or fumble with a combination when you need your weapon immediately.

The GVB1000 Biometric Safe costs $309 through the GunVault store. If you need a safe with more storage or at a slight lower cost check out their other cool gun safe’s too.