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Hammarhead Industries Day Pack

hammerhead industries day pack

Hammarhead Industries, best known for their classic motorcycle recreations, has come up with a minimal style day pack you are going to enjoy. Following in their tradition of taking retro ideas and ramping them up with a modern twist, the Hammarhead Day Pack is built tough, durable, and simplistically masculine.

Hammarhead used a combination of waxed cotton, leather, and hardware from surplus parachutes. The waxed cotton keeps your gear dry and you can be sure with the strength of the parachute clasps and straps the bag is strong. The bag is designed with sleeves to handle up to a 15″ laptop, a tablet like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy, and an Amazon Kindle, which are all hidden underneath the roll top closure.

Their is nothing about this bag which screams fashion. It is a minimalistic solid bag designed to stay looking great and hold up through the rigors of daily wear on a motorcycle or bicycle for your commutes to work or school.

The bag is available for $290 through the Hammarhead Industries shop.