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Hand Free by Steer Safe

hands free iphone 4 case by steer safe

Our smartphones are a real blessing in giving us driving directions and at the same moment a huge curse.  While they can do an excellent job doubling as a GPS for driving instructions we must keep picking them up to check the map.  Hand Free is a product concept under development by Steer Safe as a KickStarter project to solve this issue.

The Hand Free is a smart phone, or iPhone, holder which allows you to place your phone conveniently in a cradle right on the steering wheel.  It will let you have your instructions right in front of your eyes as you drive down the road.  The only time it might fail you is if want directions in the middle of a curve, but why are you looking down while turning anyways?

The project is quickly moving ahead and offers you a great opportunity to be one of the first to own a Hand Free by Steer Safe.  By donating $25 you will receive one of the first products off the line, plus make sure the project is completed.

Via Kickstarter