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Hard Drive iPhone Case

hard drive iphone case

Your iPhone 4 or 4S may already be high-tech, but how about making it look geek-perfect? The Hard Drive iPhone case is exactly what it sounds like. The plastic snap on case wraps a protective cover around your phone and makes it look like an old 2.5″ laptop hard drive. The size is not 100% true to life, but close enough to fool most people. Your geeky friends are going to think you have lost your mind and are talking into a dead laptop drive, until they figure out the truth. Then they will all want to know where they can get one.

Make sure you do not leave your phone laying around on the work bench at the office. You might have someone walk off with  your phone to replace a hard drive in a dead computer.  You can order a Hard Drive iPhone Case through Amazon for under $9.

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