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Hardcore Hammers

hardcore hammers

Have you ever stood in the aisles of a hardware store and wondered why there are so many different claw hammers on the rack and so many different prices? They may all look the same and are not much different. One look at Hardcore Hammers changes your opinion on a second. This hammer is different. Hardcore Hammers started with a hefty 19 ounce head that is perfectly balanced to make swinging the hammer a breeze. They straightened the claw to make it more effective for removing nails and ripping apart boards. They lengthened the steel sleeve over the 100% hickory handle to protect the handle for damage.

That just starts the differences. The face of the hammer has a recessed face with a textured diamond pattern to grip the nail and is replaceable when it wears. The head has two grooves to help align and hold nails to make pounding nails easier and protects you from smashing your fingers. Hardcore Hammers proves that all hammers are not the same, some are worlds apart.

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