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Harman Kardon Esquire Mini

harman kardon esquire mini

Carrying a wireless speaker around in your briefcase or laptop bag may sound like overkill, until you see what Harman Kardon’s Esquire Mini brings to the table. It provides great sound quality from its compact design, but you can get that with many portable speakers. The feature that makes it perfect for business people is the portable conference call ability it adds. The Esquire Mini has dual built-in microphones with echo and noise cancellation. The Bluetooth capability means you can start a conference call using just the Esquire Mini and your mobile phone to get everyone involved.

The Esquire Mini can handle all day meetings with eight hours of battery life and can be quickly recharged with a USB connection. When the meeting is over, you can sit back and listen to high-quality music or have incredible sound for streaming movies with the enhanced bass and high performance drivers. It is a great addition to your road arsenal at $149.95.

Via Harman Kardon