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Haven Smart Lock – Innovative System Stops Lock Bumping Intruders

haven smart lock

Lock bumping has become a favorite technique for thieves and home intruders to gain access to homes. Most standard deadbolt locks can be lock bumped quietly and quickly letting an intruder into your home. Haven Smart Lock is a solution created by a team from Nashville, Tennessee in response to home intrusion running rampant in their neighborhood. Haven Smart Lock usesĀ an innovative new lock design with leverage the power of your homes floor and the entire width of your door to make a lock that can not be bumped and a door that is nearly impossible to kick-in.

Haven Smart Lock integrates with smart phones, wearable devices, and other mobile gear to allow you to lock your door on exit an open it easily on return. The Haven Smart Lock system is being funded by a Kickstarter project. You can become one of the first to have a Haven system for only $199.




Via HiConsumption and Kickstarter