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Heat Sensitive iPhone 4 Backing

heat sensitive iphone 4 backing

Ready to make people take a second look at your iPhone?  The heat sensitive iPhone 4 backing from RF Laserworks will have everyone lining up to handle your phone.  It is almost like turning your iPhone into a mood ring.  The backing changes colors when it is heated to 90 to 95 degrees, the common temperature of the human hand. 

The backing changes into a rainbow of cool colors in areas your hand or body comes in contact with it.  The backing is ultra thin at only .005 inches meaning it will fit under any bumper.  The hard decision you will be faced with is choosing between the solid version, or the one with an Apple image cutout. The RF Laserworks heat sensitive backing can be purchased for $11.99.

Via HypeBeast, but yourself one at RF Laserworks