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Hendo Hoverboard

hendo hoverboard

Anyone who has ever watched the Back To The Future movies was amazed by the cool hoverboard Michael J. Fox jumped on for a wild ride through the streets. Hendo Hoverboard is on the fast track to making the hoverboard a reality. The company is using powerful electromagnetic systems to defeat gravity to hover above the ground allowing you to skateboard without wheels. How close to reality is the system? As you can see in this video the company already has working prototypes working in their offices with development moving forward rapidly. You can even get your hands on the technology to try it yourself.

The project is being funded through a Kickstarter project that has blasted past its initial funding goal. You can jump on-board to get your hands on the technology by making a $299 contribution and getting the whitebox developer kit, or schedule a ride on a working board for just $99.

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