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HEXO+ Is An Autonomous Drone That Follows You From Above

hexo plus drone

Does your Christmas wishlist include a drone? We see all of the incredible videos coming from adventurers mounting their GoPro cameras on drones and are ready to jump into the fun. HEXO+ may have just jumped to top of your drone wishlist. HEXO+ is a 6-bladed drone with all the cool camera mounts we have come to expect, but it  has one incredible difference. HEXO+ tracks you and hovers right above you in order to keep you in the camera frame without your assistance. It tracks you by monitoring an app on your smartphone and can monitor all of your movements, keeping you centered in the video.

HEXO+ is priced at $1149, but there is one tiny catch. You can order today, but deliveries of this cool new entry into the drone market start in May 2015.