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Hidden Part of the Iceberg iPhone Skin

Hidden Part of Icebergs iPhone 4 Cases

Have you ever wondered exactly what the underwater portion of an iceberg really looks like?  The clever answer comes Naolito of Society 6. The answer, the iceberg looks just like an ice cream cone and you can prove it right on your iPhone or iPod Touch with a clever new artistic skin. The colorful and funny skin from Society 6 is available for virtually all iPhones and iPod Touch models.  The skin is created out of high quality 3M materials which assist in keeping the bubbles out when you apply the skin to the back of your phone or iPod. The skins sell for only $15.00 making them an idea gift for men with a great sense of humor.  It is about time for you to turn your iPhone into a conversation piece, not just the greatest phone on the planet.

Can be bought through Society 6