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Hidden Pop-Up Outlet

hidden pop-up outlet

How many times have you wished your kitchen island or counter had more outlets? You hate the idea running more wires i the walls. What if you could drop an electrical line under the counter, wire up a few of outlets, and have them pop-up on your counter when you need them? Now that would be cool, and now it is possible. EVOline has created a pop-up outlet bar that pushes down into you counter when not in use, locking in the down position with a water tight seal. When you need the extra power, you just pull the handle, it pops up, and you have the extra outlets you need. These pop-up outlets are perfect for kitchens, computer desks, bathroom counters, and in the office.

You can learn more about the pop-up outlet on EVOline or at better home improvement centers.

Via EVOline