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How To Swear Around the World

how to swear around the world

Finally there is a travel guide every man needs to own. How were we supposed to know what to scream when we attempted to drive in insane traffic in Italy? We have always been lost when a taxi drives starts muttering under his breath as we drive towards a destination in Mexico, Japan, or Russia. Now we can be prepared. When something bad happens, we will be able to swear just like a local and get the attention we deserve, hopefully the good kind, not the bad kind.

This book has a few other important uses, too. When your boss tells you no more swearing in the office, just change languages and leave him staring at you wondering what the heck you told him. Hopefully he will never find out you just told him to go…Oh, we can’t say that here, but you can learn how to say it be investing only $9.60 on Amazon, or if ¬†you are really smart, get it for $7.69 for your Kindle so you can take your cursing where ever you go.

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