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Hyperdog Ball Launcher

hyperdog ball launcher

Is your dog frustrated with your wimpy throws? Does your arm and shoulder get tired tossing the ball time after time? Hyper Pets created this super over-sized sling shot, called the Hyperdog Ball Launcher, to solve your problem. The slingshot can fire a tennis ball up to 220 feet giving you an extra minute while your dog races down the field to retrieve it.

The Hyperdog Ball Launcher comes bundled with four tennis balls ready for your dog to juice them up. There are a couple different models of the ball launcher with the main difference being ball storage in the frame. If you have 2 or more dogs the added storage is a real bonus. You can keep balls zipping down the field without constantly bending over to retrieve balls.

The slingshot provides you greater accuracy than trying to hit balls down the field with a tennis racket, plus it is a load of fun. TOP SECRET: This cool dog ball launcher is perfect for zipping a few water balloons across the park, too.

The Hyperdog Ball Launcher sells for approximately $22 for the single ball version, including the four tennis balls.

Via Hyper-Pet