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iBooKam – Transforming Your iPhone Into a Powerful Camera

iBooKam iPhone 4 Accessories

The iBooKam is a very exciting device.  If you are a photography lover this may be the best iPhone 4 accessories for you. The iBooKam is a iPhone 4 case with a wild twist.  It is created out of bamboo which has been hand sanded and finished with a oil and wax blend to keep it 100% natural.  The case is then fitted with a screw on mount to hold a 37mm lens.  The case has all the proper mounting holes to be used a camera tripod.  Suddenly your iPhone has gone from being just a phone into being a highly effective 37mm digital camera.

The iBooKam does not come bundled with any lens.  Adding the iBooKam gives you the freedom to be highly creative in photography with your iPhone 4.  You can add various focal length lenses, a zoom lens, or even a telephoto lens. The combination of great looks and added functionality make it one of the best gadgets to add to your iPhone.  The iBooKam is priced at $75.00.