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If Disney Princesses Went To Your High School

disney princesses high school

What would happen if the Disney Princesses arrived at your school and enrolled. Sure, you think they are sweet, innocent, and all of that, but wait until you see how the wild minds at College Humor envisioned this taking place. Think of Cinderella, abandoned by her father, left alone with her angry step-mom who inflicts strict curfews and a no boy policy. Or what about Belle, she is dates the biggest, most ruthless, beast in school and tries to convince us he’s sweet as he growls at us from behind her shoulder. Snow White is the princess with some serious fetishes to worry about. What is up with hanging out with all the shortest guys in school, all at once.

Once you check out the Disney Princesses in Your High School, you will never see them the same way again, and that’s a good thing.


Via Elite Daily and College Humor