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iFlow Universal Portable Camera Dolly

iflow universal portable camera dolly

Do you like to take videos following movement and motion? You probably experience the same frustration most of us amateur videographers battle. As you turn and move following the action your camera bounces and you get an erratic looking video. The iFlow portable camera dolly can eliminate that problem for you.

The problem in the past has always been the size, bulk, and cost of a camera dolly. No one in their right mind was going to haul one of those to the park, a festival, or other event. The iFlow reduces the size of a camera dolly down to the bare essentials. You mount your SLR camera, iPhone, or other digital camera to the dolly, set it on an solid smooth surface, and then just roll along with the action to get a smooth error free shot.

The wheels can even be repositioned to clamp around a round stair rail to allow you to get a smooth rolling shot as skater explode off the stairs or grind down a rail on the other side. The iFlow started as a KickStarter project that is now heading into production. The base dolly is available for $109, or with the smartphone adapter for your iPhone, Samsung, or other smartphone for $139.

Via  iFlowPro