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Incredible Subscription Service Will Turn Your Instagram Photos Into a Book Every Month


How many pictures do you share on Instagram every month? Imagine having those incredible photos turned into a book every month that you can collect and share with your family and children for decades. BooksTo.Me offers to take 200 of your photos every month and turn them into a 50-page book showcasing  your photos. Every month you receive the hardcover edition of the last month of your life right at  your doorstep. Can you picture the looks on your kids faces when every month they get the chance to page through a real book where they are the stars, their pets are the co-stars, and their parents make guest appearances?

The BooksTo.Me service is only $24 per month, and incredible value for having 200 photos printed on quality paper and bound into a book.




Via  HiConsumption and BooksTo.Me