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Infographic: How Asteroids Can Save Mankind

how asteroids can save mankind

Technology and space circles are buzzing with the news from several different organizations about the potential to mine asteroids for profits. At first glance, we have to say these people are insane. Why would you spend billions of dollars to shoot a rocket towards a racing asteroid with the hopes of mining minerals? The truth is a little more ominous than just profit motives. The earth is quickly running out of important metals, minerals, and resources to preserve our hunger for technology. Many asteroids that race by our planet are rich in these same critical element. As this cool infographic shows, a single asteroid has the potential to fulfill our demands for up to two decades. Suddenly those wild notions do not sound quite as crazy.

Explore this infographic and discover the truths of why savvy investors believe this investment is not as wild as it sounds.


Via Neomam