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Infographic Teaches Us The Science Behind Happiness


We love infographics. As a matter of fact, infographics make us happy, or do they? In this cool infographic from WebpageFX, we learn all about the science of happiness. We learn about serotonin role in your happiness. We learn about the ideal temperature for happiness, the ideal amount of exercise, how being healthy affects happiness. We even learn that having children reduces happiness. Really?

The facts shared in this clever infographic pose only one problem. How happy will you be if you get caught up trying to control all of these factors in your life? It is great to learn the facts, but we have a better recommendation. Live like Nike and Just Do It. Happiness is not found in facts and figures, but by getting the Crnchy attitude and exploring all that life has to offer. Enjoy the infographic and then lets get busy creating our own happiness.


Via WebpageFX