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Infographic: The Theory of Evolution in Comic Style

the theory of evolution explained

What is the first thing that happens when someone says they want to discuss the theory of evolution? You mind seizes. You run for the television to escape the confusion. What if  you could sit down and enjoy a light hearted animation filled with easy to understand infographics that takes this complex topic and makes it simple? Philipp Dettmer was appalled at how hard people struggled to understand this topic and set forth to create a method to explain the topic to both adults and children in a way that made sense. The 11 minute video covers everything you want to know and more on a topic most of us avoid, but is a necessity in school.

If you have ever been curious, or your children are in that “must know” category, kick back and enjoy this cool video. You evolutionary awareness is about to take a giant leap forward.

Via Behance and Philipp Dettmer