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Instagram Marshmallows Bring Your Hot Chocolate to Life by Boomf

Boomf Instagram Pictures On Marshmallows

Digging around Instagram turns up dozens of fascinating pictures every day. Browsing in the supermarket uncovers delicious hot chocolate mixes, too. Perusing the marshmallow shelves leads to boredom. You have big and mini, white or pastel, end of story. Boomf decided it was time to blend Instagram, Marshmallows, and Hot Chocolate into a real winter time treat by letting you order custom marshmallows printed in edible ink with your favorite shots from Instagram. Imagine the shock on your friends faces when you server their hot chocolate and they see their own face floating in the cup. You pull out the Hershey’s candy bars and graham crackers for some Some-Mores and hand them a shot of their beautiful body to burn for the gooey center.

The Instragram Marshmallows from Boomf  sell for around $20, but at this time they are only shipping to the UK. We hope that changes soon, because we have visions of bikini clad beauties bobbing in our hot chocolate this winter.




Via HiC and Boomf