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Intoxicase Bottle Opener iPhone Case

intoxicase bottle opener

Finally we found something there is not an iPhone App for. You cannot open your imported bottle of beer with an app, but you can open it with the Intoxicase Bottle Opener ($45) iPhone case.

The Intoxicase is a hardened iPhone case which gives your iPhone all the protection you would hope for. You can drop it in  your pocket and slide it across the desk without worries about scratches and damage. The real magic of this case is when you are sitting out at the lake with your friends and a cooler filled with beer. When everyone else is hunting for a bottle opener you can just grab your iPhone and pop open a bottle and start drinking. This is one function no one will be able to write the app for.

The Intoxicase is a perfect accessory for bartenders, too. When you are sneaking a peek at your text messages you can just tell the boss, “Hey, I’m just opening a beer.” The Intoxicase is priced at $35.00 or $45.00 for the Intoxicase Plus for other smart phone users.