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Iota Minimalist Playing Cards by Joe Doucet

minimalist iota playing cards

Joe Doucet asked a different question when he chose to make a deck of playing cards. He did not ask “What can I add?”, instead he asked “How much can I take away?” Joe’s Iota Minimalist Playing Cards are the answer to that question and the answer is fabulous. The Iota Cards strip the standard deck down to a simple line adorning the back. The face of the cards have a very understated number or letter to designate the card along with a minimalist geometrical representation of the suit. The main thing you see is white.

No one is going go guess these cards be studying the patterns, because there is nothing to see. What is truly amazing is how taking away almost everything produced one of the best looking sets of playing cards you can buy. You can grab a set of Iota Cards through Module-R for $25.


Via and Module-R