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The iPad Commode Caddy

ipad commode caddy

Thank goodness I’m not alone. Some of you take your iPad, Kindle, or other tablet in the bathroom to keep reading and surfing during your business meetings, too. Where do you put your iPad? The iPad Commode Caddy solves the dilemma and holds the tissue paper right at hand, too.

The Caddy holds your tablet 30″ above the floor and has a flexible gooseneck so you can adjust it to perfection for your reading and surfing delight. The stand is priced at $99.95 and amazingly they ask you how many you need. So? How many bathrooms do you have in your home? You would not want to leave any family member or guest sitting in the commode trying to figure out where to put their iPad.

This idea may seem a little silly at first, but admit it, you want one.

Via MarketWatch and Hammacher Schlemmer