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iPod Hoodie

ipod hoodie

Essentials for a great morning walk or jog should include a few simple things. You should strap on a good pair of sneakers, put on your hoodie, and then grab your iPod making sure you slide it into the iPod Hoodie for protection. Both you and your iPod, or iPhone, will stay warm, dry, and comfortable while you are out for the jog.

Of course you do not need to go jogging to make your iPod look cool. iPod Hoodies look great for anywhere. The Hoodie is stitched out of soft sweatshirt material which will keep your iPod safe from scratches and dirt. Since the Hoodie stretches and is very soft it works just as well for a wide variety of phones and MP3 players including Samsung’s lineup of Android phones.

One of the coolest features of this little iPod cover, besides the hood, is the price. You can grab these little hoodies from less than $6 each. If you want a little extra style just pull out your colored Sharpie pens and start writing your own sayings or making sketches. This may be the best cover you could give yourself or teens in your home. They are fun, cheap, and customizable.

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