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Iron Vault Desk

iron vault desk

Tough and rugged does not even begin to describe the Iron Vault Desk from Restoration Hardware. The Iron Vault desk was inspired by the rugged metal safes found in jewelry stores, pawn shops, and factory offices during the 20th century. Restoration Hardware combined the feel of the safe and turned it into a functional office desk that redefines locking things away in your desk. The desk tips the scales at 360 pounds, so make sure you have a few buddies ready to help you move it into place, or not. The desk is equipped with steel casters on all 4 legs making it a little easier to move. Steel sheets were used to make the sides, put together with extreme steel rivets.

The doors of the desks two over-sized storage areas have safe levers to lock them tightly closed. The desk is priced at $2210, which is an incredible price for an amazing tough desk like no other.

Via Bless This Stuff and Restoration Hardware