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iTouchless Sensor Controlled Automatic Toilet Seat

itouchless sensor toilet seat

Guys, someone finally listened to our pain. Why are we responsible for putting the seat down in the bathroom when we all know the best position is up? We know to keep peace in the house we must put the seat down on the toilet, but it is so easy to forget especially in the middle of the night or after a few beers. An iTouchless Sensor controlled seat is the high-tech answer we need. Now as you walk towards the toilet the cover rises. If you wave your hand at the toilet that annoying seat rises, too. Then when you finish watering the toilet, you can flush and walk away. The iTouchless seat and lid lower themselves 15 seconds after you walk away from the sensor. The only other thing you need is to get your plumber to install one of those automatic proximity flushers so you can be totally safe from the wrath of women.

You can salvage your relationship from bathroom battles for just $129.99 on Amazon.

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