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Izola Insulated Drink Bottles

izola insulated water bottles

Toss away those ugly plastic drink bottles that let your cold drinks get hot and your hot drinks get cold. The Izola Insulated Drink Bottles are going to make you look cool with their intriguing colors, stainless steel bottles, and witty sayings or designs. More importantly, they keep your hot drinks hot, your cold drinks cold. In their own lab tests hot drinks lost only 30 degrees over 12 hour period while cold drinks only got 5  degrees warmer over the same period. You can keep that cup of coffee hot for afternoon break, or keep that wicked icy concoction you brewed up icy cold all day long.

The bottles come in 10 and 25 ounce sizes, but obviously that 10 ounce bottle is not for us serious drinkers. 10 ounce bottles sell for $30, while the 25 ounce bottle is listed at $44.

Via Joe’s Daily and Izola