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JBL Horizon Alarm Clock Wakes You With Light

jbl horizon alarm clock

When you hear that incessant alarm clock blaring at 6AM there is usually only one thought on your mind, “Would it survive getting thrown against the wall?’ Go ahead and give it a toss, but before you do, you may want to grab a JBL Horizon alarm clock. The Horizon alarm clock allows you to choose how you want to be woke up. You can set the alarm to slowly brighten your room with its built-in LED lights easing you awake like a sunny summer morning. If you need a little more prodding to open your eyes, you can use the built-in radio alarm clock, or choose to stream music through the clock via Bluetooth.

The Horizon alarm clock even helps you get ready for the day by proving you with a pair of USB charging ports so you can plugin your phone when you set your alarm. The Horizon light waking alarm clock sells for $99.95 through JBL.