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Jep’s Beard Balm

jeps beard balm

Hippies may think they have the corner on beard information. Barbers have tinkered with beards for decades. The Amish have been beard experts for centuries. Jeptha Robertson tapped into all of this Amish beard wisdom to create Jep’s Beard Balm, perhaps the ultimate beard care product on the planet. The Beard Balm is concocted from the finest organic and oils to make your oil glow and to keep your underlying skin itch free and soft. A few of the magic ingredients include beeswax, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil, and other organic oils. Zero fragrances or man-made chemicals are used in any of Jep’s beard care products.

Jep’s Beard Balm starts at $19.50. You can learn more about all of Jep’s organic Amish beard magic on Jep’s website.

Via Jep’s Beard Care