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Jon Olsson’s Carbon Fiber Audi R8

Jon Olsson's Carbon Fiber R8 Razor GTR

Jon Olsson likes to go fast, very fast. That is part of the reason companies like Audi, Red Bull, and Swix jump to sponsor this speed demon. This professional freeskier and alpine racer from Sweden has a passion for speed and style that now extends to his newest car. This custom built black Audi R8 was delivered to Olsson in April 2012 in his favorite environment, a snowy day atop a mountain. There is zero doubt this car belongs to a world class skier. Just take one glance and check out the carbon fiber ski rack and ski storage box. Then let your eyes travel down the custom body that uses carbon fiber to create a low riding, fast moving, and road gripping car to match the abilities of Olsson.

Our only question is how can we get one? Sadly, that is unlikely since this is a car built to Olsson’s own designs, tuned by PPI to generate 600 horsepower, and with a fully custom interior. Maybe we can borrow it while Olsson is on the slopes.






Via HiC and Jon Olsson