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Keyport Slide Keychain

keyport slide keychain

How many things do you have clattering around on your keychain? You probably have your car or house key, maybe a small flashlight, or a USB flash drive. They clink, clank, and knock around in your pocket and manage to always get tangled together when you are trying to grab just one item. The Keyport Slide Keychain ($39) solves the problem.

The Keyport Slide gives you three sliding compartments. Each slide can hold either a key, flashlight, bottle opener, USB flash drive, or other specialty slides. All of the items are tucked away inside until you need them. Then you just push the proper colorful slide button and your key or tool is ready for use while the other items stay out of the way. You can choose USB flash drives from 4GB to 16GB in size. One other clever slide is the bar code slide. Keyport can put up to two of your discount or membership bar codes on a single slide to eliminate one more thing you need to carry.