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Lamborghini Academy

lamborghini academy

You have stared at the pictures of incredible Lamborghini cars for years. You lust for them. You want to feel the seat under you, your hands on the wheel, the raw power as you push the gas pedal to the floor. You can only imagine the feeling as the car enters a corner hanging to the ground like it is glued to the surface. Are you ready to quit dreaming and start driving? The Lamborghini Academy is a traveling sports car driving academy touring the world, and coming to a city near you. You can choose from one or two-day sessions to learn from real race car drivers the best way to drive a Lamborghini. Then you put you rear onto that seat, strap on the belts, and drive your dream car around a real race track at speeds that will have your heart pumping the adrenalin rushing through your veins.

You can find the schedule and all the information on the Lamborghini Academy on their website, but we want to leave you with on warning. That desire to have a Lamborghini will turn into raging inferno of Lamborghini Lust.

Via Gallivant and Lamborghini Academy