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Lamborghini Asterion Promises to Take Hybrids to 199 MPH

lamborghini asterion

Lamborghini’s leadership always proclaimed the idea of one Lamboghini model equals one engine choice. The Lamborghini Asterion changes that theory in a single heartbeat, thanks to new rules from the EU. Upcoming regulations made it necessary for Lamborghini to begin delving into hybrids, forcing the use of multiple engines in a single car. It may be time for all of us to send the EU a nice thank you not. The Asterion features a 910 horsepower V-10 Hybrid engine paired with 3 electric motors. The concept car can fly from 0-60 in 3.0 seconds and hit a top speed of 199 MPH, which alleviates all of our concerns about the future of sports cars.

The Lamborghini Asterion borrows liberally in style from previous Lamborghini models, an inspiring fact. Lamborghini is leading the way to the future and opening the market to a new crowd of buyers who will only buy hybrid.






Via Lamborghini