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Lamborghini Murcielago Kids Car

lamborghini murcielago kids car

Men, it is time to start training our sons and daughters a few important lessons. Number one, sports cars are awesome. Number two, Lamborghini’s are incredible. Number three, if you want to achieve your goals bad enough, you can. Number four, if you get all your chores done, get straight A’s, and eat your spinach, you can have a Lamborghini as a kid.

The Lamborghini Murcielago Kids Car is one of those toys that will motivate your kids into action and give you a little inspiration, too. The car is modeled after a real Lamborghini but is the perfect size for your tots. The car has two super fast speeds of 2.5 MPH and 5 MPH and screams from 0-5 MPH almost instantly. They can slam the car into reverse to practice their fast getaways. This is the car of their dreams, and maybe will inspire you to keep stretching for yours, too.

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