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LEAOS Carbon Fiber Electric Bike


The LEAOS Carbon Fiber Electric Bike may not be quite the same as driving a fancy Italian sports car, but is it darn close. The bike is hand crafted in Italy, made from carbon fiber, very similar to top sport cars from the country. Hidden underneath the sleek body lies a powerful motor tied to the wheels with a smooth shifting transmission. The LEAOS Pure comes in both a 25 km/h and 45 km/h version to let you choose how fast you want to get to work. The motor and transmission are hidden inside the carbon fiber frame, making your bike look like a sleek pedaling machine, when instead it is a combo pedal or motor driven bike.

The LEAOS starts at around $7000 for the 25km/h version. You can order the black Pure edition or the LEAOS White.





Via The Coolist and LEAOS