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Leeo Smart Home Alarm and Nightlight System No Contract Required

smart alert nightlight

You probably have nightlights scattered around your home. You have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors to keep you safe from fire and faulty heating systems. How much good do those alarms do if you are not home? Does your nightlight do anything other than provide a little light? The only way to get real protection in the past was to pay for a monitored system tied to a monthly bill. Now you can do it all on your own for just $99. Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight replaces the nightlight in a hallway and becomes your personal alarm monitor. Leeo listens for your alarms to sound and then notifies you of the alarm directly to your smart phone. It can even dial 911 or contact a list of alternate contacts to get help rolling to your home.

The night light portion of Leeo is incredible by itself. You can choose from over 16 million colors and adjust the brightness to fit your needs. Instead of paying a monthly bill to have your alarms monitored, check out Leeo and make your home smart.





Via HiConsumption and Leeo Smart Alert