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Lego Architecture Studio

lego architecture studio

Lego has always been one of the most colorful toys in your kids’ toy box. Those bright red, yellow, blue, and white pieces stand out. The Lego Architecture Set is not for kids, but is designed for real designers. Every piece is a very dull off-white color that makes it clear these pieces were not designed for normal play, but instead are for deep-thinkers. Your creative mind is not held back by colors or form. You have 1210 blocks of Lego and a 272 page book put together by architects and designers to help you explore your creative spirit in new ways. Create your future home in Lego and then paint it like you want it. Design your swimming pool, decks, outside buildings, new office, or whatever you want to have a 3D representation of.

Lego has leaped from being for children into being a real design tool for adults or a real adventure for your older children.



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