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Lego Tile Cufflinks

lego tile mens cufflinks

Are you still a kid at heart?  The Lego tile cufflinks can help show the world just how big a kid you are.  These cufflinks could be one of the best gifts for fathers’ with little kids, or maybe not.  They could discover their new cufflinks keep disappearing to become part of some imaginative creation in the kids’ room.

The fun cufflinks are offered on Etsy by a user named, CuffLinks.  He creates these cool cufflinks in his spare time as he studies in college and uses all proceeds to pay for his education. 

The cufflinks come packaged in a silver drawstring bag giving you a safe place to hide them from the children.  Don’t forget to use a lock and key to keep them out of the drawer.

Purchase on Etsy for only $9.99