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Libratone Loop Speaker

libratone loop speaker

Minimalism at its finest defines the appearance of the Libratone Loops Speaker. The simple round design of this wireless high-fidelity speaker is the first thing that catches your eyes. The bright colored wool covers are the only thing that makes this speaker standout in your room. The minimalism approach stops on the exterior of the speaker. Tucked inside is 40 watts of power, a passive bass system of deep vibrant tones, tweeters providing clear high notes beyond our ability to hear, and a strong mid-range to capture every sound. The Loop Speaker’s simple design allows for easy wall mounting, or standing on a bookshelf or cabinet using the simple snap-in stand. You can choose between using a wired stereo jack or tapping into the wireless system of the speakers, depending on your personal needs.

The Libratone Loop Speaker sells for around $600.

Via Uncrate and Libratone