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Liquid Image Scuba HD 720P

liquid image scuba series hd 720p

Do you enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling?  It can be a major hassle to try to carry a waterproof camera through the water with you to document your fun.  Enter the Luquid Image Scuba HD720P. The Liquid Image is a combination of a scuba mask and a high quality 720P digital camera which can record using the H.264 format.  Your journey through the underwater realm can be recorded while keeping your hands free, and the resulting images are fully compatible with YouTube and Facebook video sharing.

The cost will probably shock you.  The Wide Angle HD720P mask is only $349.99.  Compare this to the cost of a good scuba mask and a quality underwater camera and you will quickly realize what a great bargain these masks are. You will no longer be struggling to aim your camera and juggle gear.  Where you turn your head is where the recording is taking place. If you enjoy exploring the ocean in your scuba gear this is one of the coolest gadgets you could ever own.