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Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights


How often do you wish you had a light on your bicycle, or maybe on a kids wagon? You may rarely ride you bike at night, but it would be nice if in an instant you could add a light and take off. The Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights makes it possible. The light is built into a small, but very powerful, magnet that you can quickly attach to any metal surface. The Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights include both a white light for the front of your bicycle and a red light for the back. The lights each contain a single powerful LED light. The red light can set to flash to increase visibility. The lights stack together magnetically and are small enough to drop in your pocket.

Do you want even more road visibility? Get two kits and put lights on the sides of your frame, too. The magnets are strong enough that they stay in place even on the roughest roads and trails. You can order the Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights from Amazon for $29.99.

lucette magnetic bike lights




Via Bless This Stuff, Amazon, and Palomar